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I'm a graphic artist with a degree in Graphic Art- Multimedia, I've been doing this for about 10 years and love what I do. The best part of my job is to create amazing new projects for clients like you! So give me your best shot and let's create something together

Our Story

What Sets us apart?
Total Blackness

We make sure our backkgrounds are completely black. We also keep a distinctive boundary  around our animation. This help keep the illusion of a "magic mirror"

Bright and  Crisp

We design our animations with very bright and sharp graphics with plenty detail . Better to see !

Top Heavy

IIn Our design we try to keep all our images at the very top of the screen, why? Because your tv monitor is more toward the lower half of your mirror booth so in order to have your image as close to the middle of the mirror we have to aim it toward the top. Innovative Thinking!

Logo Branding

We're glading to include your company branding in our animation. Your guest will wanna know who to thank for that wonderful experience!





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